Multi Location

Fully integrated Multi Location/Warehouse optional feature.
This add-on feature enables you to filter the following by location :

  • Jobs, bookings and quotes.
  • Rental and Sales Inventory.
  • Crew, labour rates and technicians.
  • Reports, such as revenue by location.
Other great features:
  • Availability of equipment by location or consolidated.
  • Operators have a home location and can have separate privileges per location, example - An operator (user) can be an administrator at their home location and view only at other locations.
  • Taxes default to a home location.
  • Freight charges by location.
  • Invoice numbers by location.
  • Transfer equipment between locations.
  • Assets have a home and current location.
Multi Region optional feature
Example use would be for companies with a main office and satelite offices in the same continent/country/state or city.
Example regions could be - North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, with smaller offices & warehouses in cities within those Regions.

Tried and Proven
In widespread use by our clients in every continent, for more than 20 years.
First released in 2001, we have been refining and perfecting Multi Location even since.

The backend
We use MS SQL* to provide Scalability and performance.

* MS SQL is a trade mark belonging to Microsoft Corporation.


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