Assign Crew to perform tasks, select from qualified technicians, calculate crew rates by hour or day, standard time, overtime or double time etc.


Crew Properties

Assignment, Task and Technician
Each assignment contains fields :
Designation = Their role
Task = what they will be doing
Technician = the person who is assigned, can be unassigned. If a technician is selected then their rates are loaded and applied.

Potential Cross Hire
If checked then a Purchase order can be created for the technician.

Client Charge
After selecting the rate from the drop down, the user may override the standard rate and type in their own, if the operator privilege is enabled.

Hourly rate structure
Several different rate structures can be set up, for example - hourly flat rate, hourly plus overtime etc

Each Designation can be set up with a number of minimum hours, the user can override this if they have the operator privilege enabled.
Unpaid / break time can be entered.
Standard time, overtime and double time hours are calculated and applied.

The Assignment can be associated with a heading (breakout session).

Technician portal

Professional Edition Only

Allows technicians to log on, view their jobs on a calendar, accept jobs, log their start and finish times, update their contact, primary and secondary skill details.
Will scale to work on smart phones.

This feature requires the professional edition, please inquire.

Video demo

Technician hours

Technicians record their start and finish times in the Technician portal.

This feature requires the professional edition, please inquire.

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